About us

Insurance in a click.

ZipSure is changing the way insurance is purchased in Canada. We believe insurance can, and should be simple. We’ve created ZipSure to allow you to purchase the insurance you want, when you want, all on your own.

ZipSure does not employ any pushy, commissioned sales people, there are no offices to visit and no long, complex documents to sign. All Insurance policies offered on ZipSure can be set up and purchased Right Here, Right Now on ZipSure.

What is available?

Our first product is ZipTenant.  Canada’s most recommended tenant insurance program.

Our programmers and product developers are busy working on ways to give you access to home insurance, auto insurance, and a suite of other insurance products – all with the same elegance and simplicity as ZipTenant.

Who is ZipSure?

Technically we are ZipSure Insurance Brokers Limited, but we much prefer the shortened version. We began in 2012 as a shared vision of Jamie Reid (The Insurance Guy) and Paul Russell (The Computer Guy).

While looking for a way to make tenant insurance more accessible and affordable, ZipSure was born.


Who are the Insurers?

ZipSure works with a number of very large and secure insurance companies to underwrite the products we develop. All products are completely built, managed and distributed by ZipSure. Our insurance company underwriting partners are there to support us and you.

Our four primary partners are:

Memberships and Partners