General Questions

1What is ZipSure.ca?
ZipSure.ca is a new way of working with your insurance. You can now think about your insurance the same way that you think about your phone bill or your internet bill. With ZipSure.ca, you pay for your insurance monthly. There is no expiry date. You buy your policy online, and it continues until either you choose to cancel it or until we cancel it for non-payment. In addition, you work with your policy completely online. You register, create your quote, buy your policy, update your coverage, and track your payments all completely online. We have worked to make ZipSure.ca as user friendly as possible. Our philosophy is that if you need to phone us then we have overlooked something on the web site.

Policy Questions

1Why don't ZipSure.ca policies have an expiry date?
ZipSure.ca is a new way of buying insurance. You can think of your insurance policy in the same way as your cable bill or your phone bill. You buy your policy, and then you pay for it monthly. Since you pay for your policy monthly and since you can cancel your policy at any time, we do not need to worry about having an expiry date. This is a more simple method to manage insurance, and we have turned that simplicity into reduced rates. Some people use an Expiry Date as a reminder to check on their policy. We tell you what your Anniversary Date is, so that you can use this as a reminder instead.
2How do I get proof of insurance?
ZipSure.ca policies are managed completely online. To get proof of insurance, for yourself or your landlord, you do the following:
  1. Click on the "Admin Site" link at the top of the page; and log in to ZipSure.ca
  2. The first screen you will see is "My Policies And Quotes". Your policy will be displayed in the list.
  3. Click on your Active policy. Details of the policy are displayed below and so are a few buttons. If you have clicked on an Active policy then "Email Proof Of Insurance" is one of the buttons.
  4. Click on the "Email Proof Of Insurance" button. Policy details will be e-mailed to you. The format is suitable for your landlord, in that it shows the information that they are entitled to but no more.
3How soon can my insurance start?
You can get a quote and purchase it in a matter of minutes. The final step in the process is online payment and activation. We will collect your credit card or debit card information and run your initial payment instantly. So long as that payment is successful, your insurance can be activated as soon as 12:01am tomorrow. If you are new to Canada and have not yet set up a Canadian bank account or credit card, please email support@ZipSure.ca for payment options. We can still work together to find a way to start your policy right away.
4How do I cancel my policy?
A ZipSure.ca policy continues until you cancel it (or we cancel it for non-payment). To cancel your ZipSure.ca policy:
  1. Click on the "Admin Site" link at the top of the page; and log in to ZipSure.ca
  2. The first screen you see is "My Policies And Quotes", and your Active policies will be listed.
  3. Click on the policy that you'd like to cancel. Policy details and a cancel button will be displayed below.
  4. Click on the "Cancel Policy" button. We will ask why you are cancelling it and may be able to refund a payment, so will ask where to send the refund cheque to.
Your policy will be cancelled as of the end of the current month. After that, we will process any refund that you may be getting.
5What is an anniversary date?
Most insurance policies have a start and end date, and have an Expiry Date indicating when the policy ends. ZipSure.ca policies are different, in that you subscribe to them, pay for them monthly, and have continuous coverage. The Anniversary Date is a date that comes at the end of a year of coverage. If you started your policy in March 2014 then your first Anniversary Date will be March 2015. A lot of people use this as an Expiry Date. The difference is that at an Expiry Date your policy is scheduled to end. On the Anniversary Date your policy will continue. A ZipSure.ca policy will only end when you cancel it.


1How do I make a claim?
There are two ways you can make a claim:
  1. The Report a Claim Application will walk you through creating a claim online and sending it to our adjustor.
  2. Call us at (902) 431-7751 or (855) 364-1944 and we can take you through the claim process.


1How do I make payments?
Your first payment is made by credit card or by debit card. At this point we do not accept Visa debit cards, but we will be able to accept them shortly. Your monthly payments are made by a direct bank account debit, on the first business day of the month.
2When are my monthly payments made?
Your payments are withdrawn from your bank account on the first of every month. If the first is on a week-end then it may wait until the first business day of the month.
3Why is my first payment higher?
You pay for your ZipSure.ca policy a month in advance. When your policy starts, we bill you up until the end of the first complete month, and we add a 10% setup charge. If you buy your policy on the 15th of January, then your first payment will be for the remainder of January plus all of February plus 10% of that total amount.

Memberships and Partners

  • Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations (CFAA)
  • Investment Property Owners Association Of Nova Scotia (IPOANS)
  • New Brunswick Apartment Owners Association (NBAOA)
  • Greater Toronto Apartment Association (GTAA)
  • Hamilton and District Apartment Association (HDAA)
  • Waterloo Regional Apartment Management Association (WRAMA)
  • Alberta Residential Landlord Association (ARLA)
  • Calgary Residential Rental Association (CRRA)
  • Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO)