A Landlord’s Guide to Tenant Insurance

A Landlord's Guide to Tenant Insurance

ZipSure believes that buying tenant insurance should be easy for your renters - giving them the protection they need and the peace of mind you deserve.

We've created a tenant insurance product that allows your tenants to purchase their insurance online, in an instant,
24 hours a day.

As a landlord, you want to know that your tenants are protected now - not in two weeks. Your tenants can purchase insurance on ZipSure.ca in less than 10 minutes, and you'll receive a notification in seconds.
Better yet, we let you know if they cancel.

Why Insist that your Tenants have Insurance?


Studies show that 30% of all building insurance claims are caused by tenants. When you consider that roughly 75% of tenants do not have tenant insurance, that is a lot of claims that the landlord's own insurance policy ends up paying for. If all tenants carried their own insurance, landlords would have fewer claims against their policies and their premiums would go down.


The top landlords in Canada now insist on tenant insurance. If they are turning away the tenants who refuse or cannot afford to spend $12/month on this protection, do you want to be the landlord attracting these tenants to your building?


Many tenants falsely believe that it is the landlord's responsibility to pay for any damage to their possessions when there is a fire or other major building damage. Insisting on tenant insurance affirms that fact that you are not responsible for their property or belongings.


Tenant insurance is the only way for tenants to recover from the destruction of their apartment and belongings. It also provides them with valuable legal liability coverage should they accidentally cause damage to your building. Although they don't realize it, all tenants need this coverage and you are in the best position to help them understand why.


On average, 30% of building insurance claims are caused by tenants

Why Recommend ZipSure?

ZipSure Insurance Brokers Limited (ZipSure) doesn't just offer the most cost effective and fastest tenant insurance in Canada. We also work very closely with landlords to promote tenant insurance and help monitor their tenant's insurance status.

We've created a solution to every obstacle stopping tenants from buying today.


We've cut the cost of tenant insurance in half by offering policies that start at under $12 a month. All policies are sold month-to-month so your tenants won't have to come up with hundreds of dollars for their insurance, on top of all their other moving expenses.


All policies are self-serve on the website. A tenant can read through their choices, decide what level of coverage they want and purchase their insurance in under 10 minutes.


Based on your preferences, we will advise you automatically when a tenant buys a policy AND when they cancel one. You can log in at any time, 24 hours a day, and find out which of your tenants have insurance and which do not.


When you register your buildings with us, we collect any information we need from you right then and there and that's it. Your tenant only needs to know their address and they can be protected in minutes.

ZipSure is not just an insurance provider. As your partner, we share the same goals as you do.

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