A Renter’s Guide to Tenant’s Insurance

A ZipSure tenant insurance policy is the easiest and most cost effective way to protect your own belongings, your personal liability and to make sure you will have access to temporary accommodations in the event of a disaster.

ZipSure tenant policies start at under $12 per month and are paid via pre-authorized monthly bank withdrawals. You simply need to pay your first and last month when signing up and you’re covered.

How do I Start a ZipSure Tenant Policy?

Get a quote online

Find your building by using our address search

Choose the coverage you want and the price you want to pay

Set up your payment details and choose your coverage start date

Why do I need Tenant's Insurance?


Requires that you carry tenant insurance to protect yourself, your visitors, your neighbours and your landlord.


Tenant insurance can help you pay to replace your items if you suffer a break-in, fire or damage from a major storm.


The law holds you responsible to pay for damage or injuries sustained by visitors or as a result of your accidents. Tenant insurance is there to defend you if you are accused of wrong doing that causes injury to someone else, and pay on your behalf if you are found to be at fault.


Has a right to seek a judgement against you for any accidental damage you cause to the building, such as an accidental fire or water damage. Tenant insurance is there to defend you, and if the damage is found to be your fault, we will work with your landlord to repair and pay for the damage on your behalf.


When the unexpected happens, tenant insurance is there to help you find a temporary place to live, help cover your moving expenses and pay for costly unexpected new utility hook-ups.

What Information do I need to know?

  1. Your building address (if your building is pre-registered by your landlord, we have everything we need to know about it)
  2. Your full name and date of birth
  3. The full name and date of birth of your roommates
  4. Your bank account or EFT information for your monthly payments
  5. Credit card or debit card information for the first payment

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